September 7, 2017 Eric Kogelschatz

Employee Spotlight – Travis Ryan – Director, Customer Service

TCX’s Travis Ryan and His Team Go Above and Beyond 

Travis Ryan, Director, Customer Service at Tiger Cool Express (TCX), is always making sure he is ahead of the game.While most of us are asleep, Travis is busy tending to every detail. “A lot of things can happen between 4 a.m. and noon,” he says. “There’s morning pick-ups at suppliers and morning deliveries at grocery stores. The goods must be on the shelves in the early hours before our customer's customers start their shopping”

The transportation industry is very dynamic, “In this industry, every day is different, but it’s about looking out for possible issues, not just reacting to them,” Travis says. “It’s about forecasting certain situations coming up, troubleshooting and problem solving – and trying to get in front of those issues.” TCX provides daily automated reports and customer support 24/7.

TCX’s cutting-edge technology enables Travis to successfully monitor his customers’ loads. “Not only can I go on my computer and get a location on a customer’s order, I can tell the interior temperature, the exterior temperature, how much fuel is in the tank, and if a door has been opened on a container,“ Travis states. “We are invested in our customers’ success. Keeping our customers happy motivates me to do my best.  I try to lead by example and instill that attitude in my co-workers.” The technology allows Travis to maintain on time performance, a key in the transportation business. “We regularly deliver on time for 95 percent of our orders,” Travis says.

Travis started his career at Tiger Cool Express fresh out of college from the University of Kansas where he got his bachelor’s degree in Economics with a minor in Business. He started out as a Sales Coordinator and moved his way up to Director, Customer Service. “My dad is my mentor,” Travis advises. “He was the only one to go to college out of 5 sisters and 1 brother.”

In his free time, Travis enjoys spending time with friends and family, working out, and attending Royals and Chiefs games in Kansas City. When asked, what is the most interesting thing about himself, Travis replies, “It’s my birthday. Everyone is always surprised to find out I was born on July 4th.”

Co-workers describe Travis as personable and composed with a “Get-it-Done” attitude. Travis believes open communication and attention to details are his top priorities at the office. “You know every day will be different than the last. This really keeps you excited and curious about what the day will bring,” Travis says. He also relies on his co-workers to help him out when he needs it most. “TCX is very much a family atmosphere where everyone looks out for one another,” he says. “We try to treat our customers as part of our extended family.”