We're Changing Transportation for Good


Five Things to know about Tiger Cool Express

  1. We’re fast. Tiger Cool Express specializes in the efficient movement of temperature–controlled produce and other perishables.
  2. It’s fresh. Tiger Cool Express moves produce with equipment specifically designed for produce—outfitted with telematics for real-time monitoring of cargo and air chutes for optimal chilling throughout the load.
  3. We’re cost effective. Tiger Cool Express offers 52-week contracts that bundle seasonal peaks and calls on capacity.
  4. It’s expedient. With 24-7 monitoring and customer service, coupled with more than 100 combined years of experience in freight transportation management, the Tiger Cool Express team knows how to move product efficiently, saving time and money.
  5. It’s safe. Tiger Cool Express disinfects equipment routinely and maintains the highest levels of food safety.

Tiger Cool Express Key Performance Indicators

Our Values

We value what you value.

Tiger Cool Express

Values in Action

We’re changing transportation for good.

  • Inspired by the need for a sustainable shipping solution, we aim to be the nation’s leading provider of temperature-controlled intermodal transportation. We are a company formed in direct answer to the problem of reliable, asset-based capacity in long-haul transportation of perishable and temperature-sensitive goods.
  • Every day is a fresh opportunity to lead the way.
  • We are partnering with our customers to make transportation significantly more efficient, safer and less burdensome to the environment. It is a mission that brings us together and sets us apart.


Partnering for the long-haul.

Our values define who we are. They describe the behaviors we want our customers to see in us, and the behaviors we expect to see in each other.

We don’t just believe in these values, we bet on them every day. In the way that we recruit, reward and retain talent. In the decisions we make, or choose not to make, as a company. And as a navigational North Star to help us chart paradigm change.



We are passionate and tenacious.
We care intensely about Tiger Cool’s success.
We are results-driven and willing to challenge the status-quo.
We share a sense of urgency about preventing and solving problems.


We share responsibility for success.
We share information openly and proactively.
We practice emotional intelligence.
We assume positive intent, listen for understanding, and don’t take ourselves too seriously.


We always do our best to deliver more than expected.
We work to be highly responsive, streamlined and proactive.
We make it easy for people to do business with us.
We take ownership of our actions and results.


We act with honesty and integrity.
We keep our promises, and don’t promise things we can’t deliver.
We are quick to own and admit our mistakes.
We seek and provide honest feedback.

24/7 Customer Service


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